Base: Kenya
Travel: Worldwide

Age: 20s

Gift idea: CashApp

Playmates: My friends

Personality: Sensual & bubbly
Body Type: Petite
Ethnicity: African
Height: 158cm / 5'2
Dress size: S
Bra Size: 34 B
Shoe Size: EU 36

Flowers: Peonies, roses & assorted bouquets.
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Drink: Wines, Whisky (neat), tea.


I am so glad i found & connected with this young lady. Apart from having the most fantastic figure & lovely face i have always found Calla Lily's wonderful smile & amazing sense of fun so endearing. She is always charming, looks very classy & elegant. Presentable, well mannered & always interesting & intelligent when we chat. She is so photogenic & has produced some stunning pictures & videos for me. Calla Lily is totally trustworthy, delivers exactly what is requested & is just a delight to see & speak to.

Mr. E

I had an online date with Calla and now i can't wait to meet her in person for a longer date. She is super sweet and has a beautiful body and an even more beautiful personality. I truly loved the time we had together and it was nice to get to know her a little and also see her more sexy side.


Lily is a dream come true, she is classy, sassy, sensual, provocative, erotic and exotic...Lily knows how to make one feel comfortable...a virtual encounter as real and as satisfying as being in the same room with her...just an amazing gorgeousness of a woman!


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