Whether for an occasion or just to show love and appreciation, gifting is a delicate art that could make or break any relationship.

On surface level it appears as easy as popping into your local flower shop but between the lines is a testament to your effort, listening skills and affection. Contrary to popular belief, gifting does not always have to break your bank...unless you want it to. All you need to employ in this art is thoughtfulness, effort and selflessness.

Gift her something that she actually wants. This comes down to knowing her and hearing her when she speaks. Did she recently lose her work phone? replace it or contribute towards that. Has she expressed interest in getting into investing? teach her, buy her relevant books, sign her up on master classes. That is being thoughtful. You do not want to send her flowers while she's allergic, do you?

Tip: ask for her wishlist or send her a gift card. Whatever you do, do not google 'gift ideas'.

You may be tempted to go the familiar route - do not. Generalizing women is a slippery slope.Yea girls like diamond, but what if yours likes moissanite? What then? Nothing turns a lady off like hearing "my ___ likes ___ so i got it for you as well" especially if their taste is completely different. What that tells her is the gift is not special. She, is not special. It may be convenient i agree, but it may also read as lazy, impersonal and selfish.

Once you embark on gifting, it stops being about you. The scale shifts to them - what they like, what they need. If you are lucky, some of those things you will have in common. Only then can you have ulterior motives to your gift. Like gifting tickets to a show you've been wanting to see to a cinemaphile or buying her sex toys because you enjoy watching her play and she loves putting on a show for you.

When all else fails, try gifting her money. I always say and reiterate, money is the most thoughtful gift you can give to someone. Living in this world as it is, the need for money is unending and ladies may want glamorous stuff (that's okay) while what they need is simply to make rent or clear student loans. Needs they will not readily open up to you about. It may be a convenient gift but it is an incredibly thoughtful convenient gift.

As for me, myself and i, if you are so inclined, send me Amazon or lingerie gift cards to or find my wishlist here.


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