"Why and how did she get here?" You wonder.

Well, as i mention in my about me section, paid companionship has always intrigued.

Back in high school, i would lie that i could pole dance. In truth, the only pole i had touched at the time was the school flag pole. To date, i never have.

Fast forward to uni where i fell into the rabbit hole that is YouTube sensual dance. I loved it!

Of course i did, i am a very sensual being. I would religiously practice the moves and on occasion, train my legs so i could do splits. I did master a few moves but only ever 'performed' for an ex-lover and that was the end of my dream of being an exotic dancer.

In 2017, i became interested in the escorting part of sex work. I researched a handful of escort directories, getting more and more intrigued as i did. It was then that i discovered an untapped niche in the market - the lack of African escort directories, at least not elite ones. My light bulb moment.

I figured i could create one. Aim for the skies right?

Of course i bit off more than i could chew. That endeavor was quickly abandoned, the legal ramifications were not good and i much prefer to be responsible only for myself (psychologists would argue a trauma response)

Come 2019, the year i truly and boldly dipped my toes into the adult industry.

By then, i had a plan, a work model, ladies who inspired me and the will to see it through.

On February 13th Calla Lily was born. Whoohoo!

It would take three months before she debuted on social media and another seven months before she knew what she was doing lol. In retrospect, i am glad i joined later rather than sooner - having been through necessary experiences that molded me and prepared me for this industry.

I'll tell you why. Because i wanted to, no heartbreaking reason to it. I simply wanted to and so i did.

I enjoy the travel, i enjoy being pampered and dated with intention and effort, i take delight in entertaining and i am too gorgeous to be doing it for anything that does not add value in my life.

This job has afforded me the independence and financial security i seek, in a shorter time than it would have taken me otherwise. That is my biggest cause of gratitude for it.

Not to add, my clients are gems - i adore them!

The ladies i looked up to coming in are like me; gorgeous, sensual, hedonists. Through them, i have since discovered more gorgeous beauties. I can only hope to meet them.

Skylar Parker

I first discovered her years before i became a companion myself. To say i was smitten would be an understatement. I found her statuesque, like art. The kind of art you stand in front of transfixed. That holds your gaze and warms your blood. She was the blueprint for me. I hoped to be like her...mysterious, to photograph like her. She even writes poetry like me!

Chanel Carvalho

I found Chanel while combing through Skylar's twitter. The epitome of elegance. If soft life was a person, she would be it. I recall reading her ad copy and thinking "i would give you all my money"

She has a way with words that exudes cheekiness and exclusivity. A sexy gracefulness and a warm demeanor. She once told me i am gorgeous and i have that tweet framed haha.

I endeavored to write like her and enjoy living. She has since disappeared and i miss her!

Caroline Kelly

My red headed crush. A delicate porcelain skin beauty, her ad copy and website design stood out for me. Always in harmony with her persona. She inspired me to continue to strive to be well spoken and create a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also detailed. I hope to amass a lingerie collection as extensive as hers.

As i enter my 3rd year as a companion, i do so with gratitude for my clients, the Callalite family, my fans and colleagues in the industry and to celebrate, a special offer for you - message me chapati to collect.

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