Sex Worker definition - noun

- A person male or female, who works in the sex industry and provides sexual services.

What comes to mind when you hear the term sex worker?

I bet women and streetwalkers are among those things.

Up until recently, i too was a victim of that limited thinking.

I never thought male sex workers existed or that there were other types of sex workers other than full service sex workers and streetwalkers.

There are different types of sex workers. Let me break it down for you oh curious novice.

1. Full Service Sex Workers

Commonly abbreviated as FSSW these are sex workers who provide a range of services in person.

In a manner of speaking, anything goes.

These type of sex workers can be independent escorts (most expensive) in that they are self employed and work from hotels and private residence or can be brothel and escort agency employees (reasonably priced).

If you want to know how to find sex workers and where these sex workers advertise, most reputable ones advertise on popular escort directories local to them like Tryst & Euro Girls Escort have websites like me and are active on Twitter,Switter and Instagram.

If an escort advertises as full service, they provide several sexual services e.g; oral, penetration, kissing (yea, it's not always in the cards) e.t.c. depending on what they are comfortable with and consent to and will charge per time spent rather than per particular service.

2. Webcam & Phone Sex Models

You have probably heard of OnlyFans, AVN Stars, NiteFlirt or Clips4Sale.

Providers of these offer a type of sexual service that involve seeing them on prerecorded or live videos and speaking to them on call. This type tend to be independent and work from the comfort of their homes.

Kinda like PornHub only a more intimate one on one online based relationship with your provider.

With these type of sex workers, a client will either pay for a single photo-set/video/call or pay a subscription fee which they can renew and cancel at will, to consume the sex worker's content.

3. Porn Stars

These are a type of sex workers who act in pornographic films or skits. Porn stars usually work under agencies with other porn stars and get paid per scene.

You will find porn stars on social media by searching their names and their films in popular porn sites like Xvideos

The difference between porn stars and cam models is that the latter have agency over their person and content. E.g; Mia Khalifa in porn vs her now on OnlyFans.

4. Exotic Dancers

Believe it or not, strippers/exotic dancers are sex workers.

Strippers are sex workers who perform sexual dances like strip teases, pole dancing and lap dances. They mostly work in adult entertainment venues like strip clubs as employees and pay a portion of their earnings to the clubs.

A few work freelance and will perform in private parties.

5. Doms & Dommes

This particular type of sex workers provide sexual services of a kinky nature(BDSM).

Dominants/doms and dominatrixes/dommes(female) can be found working in person from dungeons,their homes or their clients' e.t.c as well as online selling clips or e-domination such as financial domination(findom)

How to find these sex workers is by searching on kink friendly sites such as IWantClips and Twitter.

Hopefully, this article has demystified the term sex workers and the different types of sex workers for you. Next blog post will answer: Where do sex workers advertise keep your eyes peeled.

What type of sex worker did you know before reading this article? Let me know in the comments below.

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