To quote numerous sex workers, "someone you know is a sex worker" so perhaps that which you seek is right in front of you?

The age-old question of baby sex workers starting out and potential clients dipping their toes into the lifestyle; where do sex workers advertise? Luckily for us all, we exist in an era where everything is digital. Different sex workers advertise on different platforms. The key is knowing what type of sex worker you seek or what service you want.

When i got into sex work and after years of research, i knew i wanted to do it part time, maintain my agency, offer full service and dabble in webcam. That knowledge influenced where i advertised.

1) Social Media

Everybody and their mother is on social media nowadays. So are sex workers.

A big number of us, whether independent or working under an agency or brothel, have social media presence.

Sex workers use their social media platforms to promote their content, increase their visibility, post their schedules and update their fans on their life, movement e.t.c.

Twitter is the number one platform to find independent sex workers and also interact with them more often as sex workers on twitter update their pages daily.

Instagram is a close second even when it is vehemently anti sex workers. Platforms like Snapchat and Kik you can use to interact more intimately with sex workers you have already found on say...Twitter.

Other social medias include LinkedIn, popular with those of us whose target market is business people, Switter which is like Twitter but purely for sex workers and Reddit also used for marketing.

2) Websites

Most sex workers and especially independent ones have and run their personal websites and if it's indexed in Google, one merely needs to search using relevant terms and any such website will appear under results.

Generally, a sex worker's website will have a rundown of their services,base location, how & where to contact them, their photos, fees and a detailed ad copy about them - you want to read that before you book.

3) Escort Directories

To increase visibility and to market their services and business, sex workers advertise in relevant directories sometimes multiple at once.

The choice of 'where' depends on factors such as location, purpose of ad, target market, type of services and affordability et cetera.

Every country has at least one adult directory, one only needs to look. These such directories also have online presence. E.G: Tryst, Slixa, Eurogirlsescort, 22 Burlington, Eros, Available Angels, Scarlet Blue e.t.c

4) Pay Sites

I am sure you have heard of OnlyFans, PeepMe, ManyVids and the likes. Pay sites are most popular with e-sex workers. Usually, such sites will host their users' adult videos, images, have options for live videos, texting and sometimes calls.

5) Streets, Strip clubs & Brothels

The red light district in Tokyo or Koinange street in Nairobi are well known for the street sex workers found there, usually offering their services at a cheaper rate and the brothels lining them. Pick your poison.

I trust there are such streets/areas in your home town or city. Those are where street sex workers advertise via personal branding.

If the type of sexual service you seek is a private lap dance or strip tease, hit up your local strip club or hire a dancer or two to come to you; as i mentioned before, most sex workers have online presence.

6) Newspapers

It may not be as popular now as it was in the early 2000's, but believe it or not, sex workers used to take out ads in local newspapers and book clients off the incessant phone calls they would get.

I kinda wished it was that simple now.

Granted it is not a very popular way for sex workers to advertise in this age, it is not to say that it is not happening.

I have it on good authority that advertising in newspapers in small towns and countries like New Zealand is still very much IN.

I, for one do have ads placed in local magazines for Nuru massage.

Suffice to say, finding a sex worker is as easy as finding any other trades-person. Anywhere you might think to look for one, do. I do not need to tell you to exercise discretion and politesse as you do.

Happy and a prosperous new year to you!

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